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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 22, 2023

Our guest for Today is an E-commence entrepreneur with a background in Project Management developing information systems. Over ten years of experience selling online, started with a $100 investment selling jewelry and now owns three brands grossing 7 figures, a fellow wizard, Carmen Ares.

In This episode, Carmen shared her journey from small beginning to big success with importance on making decisions and starting your own business. She also emphasized on being patient, resilient and hard working and expanding your product at the right time.

Carmen’s journeys as an Amazon seller is a testament to the potential success through diligence and adaptability in the ever-changing e-com world. So listen in and be inspired.


In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcoming Carmen Ares on the show.

[04:30] Launching 10 yrs ago vs. now.

[12:18] Thinking process from a scratch 

[18:00] Product line.

[20:35] Hot products

[22:48] Where do I start?

[29:55] Analytical

[32:00] Making decisions.


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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Who not How by Dan Sullivan

5 am Miracle by Robin Sharma


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