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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 27, 2023

Hello Wizards, Today is a solo episode as I share my biggest takeaways from the recent conference I attended and had been attending for years, The Prosper Show. This years’ Prosper Show is the best one I have attended. 

So, I'm breaking down the greatest takeaways from 7 areas from the show for you to consider attending in the next coming years as I highly recommend the show.

The Prosper Show  is not just networking with other sellers and an opportunity to grow your business. The always sold out event lets you know the importance of being informed and adaptive to the constant change. 


In This Episode: 

[03:15] The P word.

[05:55] Aggregators

[07:50] Software Aggregators

[10:50] Workshops

[15:05] Sales

[15:50] Brainstorming

[19:40] Less talk about shows.


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