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Wizards of Ecom

May 17, 2023

Join me in this episode where I have as guest, Marcel Marculescu, a fellow Romanian entrepreneur and CEO of intelliRANK®, possessing over two decades of experience in the IT-field. With expertise in digital marketing, eCommerce, and Amazon selling, Marcel has helped thousands of Amazon sellers achieve successful product launches, improved rankings, and increased brand awareness. Marcel's dedication to discovering and sharing knowledge, coupled with his innovative solutions and strategic insights, have made him a highly respected and sought-after professional in the eCommerce marketing industry.


Marcel discussed Amazon brand building, diving deeply in achieving mastery with executable strategies he enthusiastically shared. Additionally, micro influencer marketing is highlighted as an effective way to gain exposure for your Amazon brand. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of growing organically and establishing long term relationships for long term success. Tune in and get lots more actionable tips and tricks from Marcel.


In This Episode:

[01:10] Introducing Marcel Marculescu

[02:10] How it all started for Marcel doing social media influencer marketing.

[07:30] Brand building.

[15:00] Overdelivering.

[25:45] Long term process.

[28:00] Common mistakes with micro influencers.

[29:25] Authenticity.

[31:50] Amazon Inspire.

[33:50] Budget for marketing.

[36:35] Growing organically.

[41:20] Amazon honeymoon phase.


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Book References:The Way of a Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Ride the Amazon Wave by Tomer Rabinovich


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