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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 24, 2023

In this episode, our guest Juha Mikkola of Usko talks about a fascinating topic: Usko App, a promising and intriguing platform, a TOS compliant creative upselling to Amazon customers based on their past purchases. Juha began by explaining how Usko App stemmed to this from a goal to leverage customer data to maximize sales. 


Recognizing that Amazon’s TOS often limits sellers’ ability to directly upsell to customers, Usko is a solution to solve this problem. Juha delves into the unique features of the app and how it empowers users to increase their sales on Amazon, buyers to monetize their shopping history and monitor their spendings.


Juha also discussed the security of data of the users.Juha also hinted on the future and goals of the platform. Overall, this episode provides an insight into a revolutionary platform that can connect buyers to sellers.


In This Episode:

[01:41] Introducing Juha Mikkola of Usko app.

[02:45] How did Juha lead to this app?

[05:20] How is data secured?

[10:10] App feature.

[15:15] Seller side process.

[18:00] Best products sample.

[23:40] Will Amazon offer this feature someday?

[29:00] The roadmap.

[30:00] Usko’s goal.


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The Year of Dangerous Days by Nicolas Griffin


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