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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 31, 2023

In this episode, Deanne Gustafson joins as a guest to discuss an interesting topic: Making money through product reviews in Amazon Influencer Program. Deanne is a former TV news reporter/anchor who now works full-time from home doing product review videos on Amazon as part of their influencer program. Deanne also works with brands and businesses as on-camera talent to create UGC content, reels, scripted content and is a live shopping host.


Deanne started with the basics such as who can be in the program, how to start with it and the ins and outs of it. Moreover, Deanne explains how AIP allows her to generate genuine revenue in it. She shares strategies to maximize the earnings through the program as well as copyrighting your content so it won't get stolen and promoting products that align with your niche and the significance of thoroughly testing and evaluating products before recommending them to your audience.


Deanne also talks about the importance of constantly adapting to changes with the program as Amazon updates. I hope this episode sheds light on the potential for making money through product reviews in Amazon Influencer Program as Deanne’s experiences and insights provides valuable guidance to aspiring influencers looking to monetize their content and build successful online presence.


In This Episode:

[00:52] Introducing Deanne Gustafson.

[01:32] Transition from news anchor to influencer.

[06:30] Everything Amazon Influencer Program.

[08:30] What is an Influencer and how to get to AIP?

[16:40] Deals group

[19:00] Guarantee of video placement.

[21:50] using random images.

[26:30] Time required for AIP.

[30:01] One-person team

[31:40] Copyright video/ stolen videos.

[41:00] Horizontal or vertical video

[46:40] Honest review.

[52:16] Potential pit-falls.

[55:10] How much can you earn from AIP?


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