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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 30, 2023

A little background of why I like to feature this topic on this podcast. Books used to be my least favorite topic back in my childhood. But generally, I became fascinated as I grew older that there’s so many things you could pick up reading a book like learning from someone else’s mistakes and these books are actually shortcuts to learning things easier and faster to reach your goal.


So, here is Part 7 of the mini series; Top 3 favorite books and why.

This mini series is a collection of our guests’ favorite books along with the reason why and how those books impacted their business, thinking, mindset, and well being, and why they recommend them as must-read books.


This episode gives a great insight into the diverse taste of book lovers like myself and provides an excellent reading list for anyone seeking new literary discoveries.


In This Episode:

[00:40] Chris McCabe

[02:54] Dustin McClone

[06:06] Toni Herrbach

[07:28] Michael Nunez

[08:48] Greg Potapenko

[09:38] Giovanni Dominguez

[10:04] Amanda Adams

[13:10] Kitty Lai

[15:16] Rachel Ollen


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