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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 25, 2023

In this podcast episode, I have the honor to have Afolabi Oyerokun, 3rd timer in the show and co-founder of Honu Worldwide to discuss the factors that sellers should take into consideration when selecting a third-party logistics or 3PL partner. Afolabi, and experienced supply chain professional, provides valuable insights on what sellers should really consider during this crucial decision-making process.


The discussion begins by highlighting the differences or types of 3PL and importance of understanding the specific needs of the seller’s business. Afolabi also emphasizes the significance of geographical reach and network capabilities. Assessing the volume, size and nature of the product being sold is crucial as well and emphasized.


In a fast-paced business environment, communication is a crucial thing to consider as well in deciding for a 3PL partner. Considering factors such as business needs, geographical reach, technology, communication and insurance are things to look at and Afolabi provided valuable insights in this episode for you to consider in finding a successful partner 3PL.


In This Episode:

[00:25] Welcoming Afolabi Oyerokun in the show.

[02:00] First time using 3PL.

[03:35] 3PL; Order fulfillment, Prep center, Hybrid

[08:20] When to use hybrid 3PL?

[11:05] 5 things sellers should consider.

[13:30] Return.

[22:35] Software.

[24:45] Is 3PL expensive?

[28:00] Communication.


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