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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 26, 2024

On Today's episode, we have Dave and Jason, the co-founders of the email marketing experience and who are directly responsible for over 110 million in sales for clients using Messenger, SMS, and email. Their goal is to ‘Get as many sales and customers as you can possibly handle from email & SMS’. 


Listen in for actionable tips and tricks from these experts if you are looking to blast your customers through email marketing. To leverage email marketing successfully, businesses should focus on building quality email lists, crafting compelling content that adds value to subscribers, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, and employing automation tools to streamline workflows and nurture customer relationships effectively. These will all be discussed in this episode.


Through strategic email marketing initiatives, Amazon businesses and others can establish meaningful connections with their audience, drive repeat purchases, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Hope this episode is insightful to you.


In This Episode:

[00:20] About our guests.

[00:55] Most brands struggle with email marketing.

[02:00] How is it done wrong?

[08:00] Funnel marketing vs. personalized funnel

[09:50] Retention

[17:35] Building an email list

[19:40] Paid ads

[26:00] Organic Instagram

[30:00] Hyper personalization

[41:00] Tools for email marketing.


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