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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 11, 2024

I'm looking forward to sharing this episode with you that I was inspired to create after reading a cool newsletter from  Scrappy Podcast that I found inspiration from the greatest swimmer, Michael Phelps. Listen in as to why I can relate Amazon selling to Michael Phelps success.


This may sound like 101 but I feel the need to share as I feel that this lesson is extremely poignant to Amazon sellers and my end goal is to bring you a goal to target a particular niche which creates clear dominations for your brand.


I really hope this short episode is insightful and helpful to you.


In This Episode:

[00:40] The inspiration of this episode.

[01:15] Best swimmer of all time.

[02:40] Meet-ups update.

[04:10] Specific product niche.

[07:20] Launching different products.


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