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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 5, 2020

If you aren’t your virtual assistant’s favorite client, you have a problem. Nathan Hirsch, co-founder of Freeeup, joins Carlos on the show to share why you need to outsource, and what you can do to keep your contractors happy. From the hiring process itself to what you can and should outsource, Nathan is a fount of knowledge and he’s sharing it all.


Hiring is one of the most stressful practices in business. You spend all this time and energy trying to find the right person, get them trained, and then incorporate them into the team, but what happens when it doesn’t work out? Nathan shares his go-to interview questions and hiring best practices. 


Communication is of course the key to lasting virtual relationships with your team. Not all communication should just be about work. Get to know your teams. Pop in on their birthdays or when you think of a funny anecdote or joke they’d appreciate. You’re building relationships with real people on the other side of the computer screen. 


The other key to hiring success is clear expectations, goals, and feedback. Listen as Nathan gives suggestions on how to bolster your team and generate a healthy environment of competition and success. 


Hiring is a scary process, especially when you’re a brand new entrepreneur or you are thinking of bringing on your first team member. Before you hire, take the time to listen to a master team builder and implement his words of wisdom. What issues have you faced in hiring? How did you overcome this? Let’s all learn from one another!


In This Episode:

[00:35] Welcome Nathan Hirsch, the founder of Freeeup.

[01:20] How did Nathan and his business partner keep the sale of Freeeup quiet? 

[02:43] Was selling Freeeup an emotional endeavor? 

[04:50] Why you need to be the favorite client of your virtual assistant or team. 

[08:05] How they managed continuing education for the team at Freeeup.

[10:24] What are some of the bad decisions Nathan has seen Amazon sellers make? 

[12:20] Learn the best way to build and communicate with your virtual teams. 

[15:59] Best practices for hiring your team. 

[18:15] Who handled hiring for Freeeup?

[22:26] How do you embolden your employees to ask the hard questions and give feedback?

[26:22] Creating and giving bonuses, what does that process look like?

[28:32] Learn how to figure out which tasks to outsource and when.

[29:56] What changes does Nathan see for freelancers in the coming years? 

[33:18] Nathan shares his favorite book and why.

[34:52] Connect with Nathan. 

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