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Wizards of Ecom

May 25, 2020

Have you been looking to branch out and sell somewhere other than Amazon? Alec Valencia of Rakuten is here to share more about this platform and how you can benefit from selling on it. Amazon is an amazing platform to sell on, but don’t discount other platforms designed for diverse markets. 

Rakuten was specifically designed to service the Japanese market but has branched out from there. The platform allows for a lot of a store customization and detailed product descriptions because these features are important for Japanese buyers and sellers. 

There are some challenges that one would face in using Rakuten to sell to an American market, but this does not mean you shouldn’t consider using this as an addition to your Amazon selling business. 

Listen in as Alec details Rakuten, how the platform differs from Amazon, how it is similar, and most importantly, how you get paid. There are so many amazing reasons to diversify your business. Perhaps Rakuten should be your next step.


In This Episode:

[00:38] Welcome Alec Valencia of Rakuten.

[02:12] What does a Merchant Development Manager do and how long has Alec been with Rakuten? 

[06:26] Is Japan the strongest area for Rakuten’s presence? 

[07:50] How to get started selling on Rakuten. 

[11:02] Where do Rakuten referrals and communications come from? 

[12:33] What does it mean to be a small-time corporation on Rakuten? 

[16:40] Learn more about the challenges one would have in selling in the U.S.

[18:57] What is the learning curve moving from Amazon to Rakuten? 

[22:15] Alec explains the Rakuten seller experience.

[26:20] How Rakuten shops compare to Amazon storefronts.

[31:45] What kind of rating system is there on Rakuten for sellers and products? 

[33:43] Can shoppers see where the online store is based? 

[36:35] Learn how you can get paid and what the banking situation looks like. 

[39:20] Connect with Alec.

[40:35] Alec’s favorite book and why.


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