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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 25, 2019

Ever heard of influencers? If you’ve been in the online space at all, you likely have, but did you know that there are influencers on apps like Back up a step. In case you aren’t sure what is, it’s an app that allows people with various interests to connect and discuss those interests with others. 

There are countless groups devoted and dedicated to any number of topics, and they can be both local and global. What does that have to do with you? Carlos shares his tips and tricks for creating business opportunities for your private label by connecting with Meetup groups dedicated to the same topic. 

For instance, say you’re selling scuba gear. Rather than creating a group solely for people who want to buy scuba gear, take some time to connect with groups already dedicated to scuba lovers. Join the group, participate, and ask questions. When you feel comfortable, approach the organizer about potentially sponsoring their group.

Learn all about how those sponsorships equal sales of your products. An influencer doesn’t have to have a million followers, they simply need to have a group of dedicated and engaged followers that are interested in your products. Listen in as Carlos provides some fantastic tips for leveraging Meetup groups to increase your sales for your private label products!


In This Episode:

[00:38] Welcome back to the show.

[01:01] Influencer goldmines on are not hype!

[01:46] What is

[02:59] Carlos reveals the difference between an organizer and an attendee.

[04:03] Learn different types of groups that exist and why creating your own is a good thing.

[05:42] Hear examples of groups Carlos has created for his private label products.

[08:36] What is an influencer? 

[10:28] Learn how to approach Meetup group organizers and attendees about sponsoring their groups.

[12:26] What kind of ROI should you expect from your Meetup group sponsorships?


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