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Wizards of Ecom

Jun 22, 2020

For many eComm sellers, venturing into the Walmart Marketplace seems daunting. Zach and Corey, founders of DotCom Partners, have worked on the inside of the Walmart platform and are here to share their knowledge on how to start selling profitably with Walmart.

The first thing you have to know is that Walmart is looking to fill assortment gaps. If you can show how your product performed and also filled one of their gaps, then you’re a shoe in for the best selling tier. 

Which brings me to the next piece which is that there are two ways to sell on Walmart Marketplace, either 1P or 3P. The benefits of 1P are definitely better than 3P but it takes a lot more to get into that side. 

Zach and Corey have built DotCom Partners to help sellers enter the Walmart Marketplace successfully. Which means they can go through your products and your brand and show you the best ways to position yourself to reach the 1P status faster. 

Additionally they have several brands slowly making their way to an in-store status. Listen in to learn all the ins and outs of Walmart Marketplace. Maybe this platform should be your next eComm storefront? 


In This Episode:

[00:29] Welcome Corey and Zach co-founders of DotCom Partners. 

[01:48] Learn more about Corey’s background.

[02:48] Zach shares his eComm background. 

[05:25] What are some of the biggest complaints store owners had with the Walmart platform? 

[08:15] Do names affect the algorithm on the Walmart platform? 

[10:33] Learn the best way to structure Walmart product listings. 

[11:34] What are your options for selling when starting on Walmart? 

[14:02] Hear about assortment gaps and why they’re important. 

[17:32] How the 3P selling process works.

[19:27] It is a bit tricky to get in without prior selling history, but Corey and Zach know how to give you the best chance. 

[22:49] Learn how you can determine if you’re a good fit for Walmart 1P.

[25:59] Corey and Zach help you find the assortment gaps.

[28:28] What is the process for moving from 3P to 1P? 

[31:55] How big should your brand be before exploring Walmart? 

[35:15] You can make your brand more attractive. Learn how.

[37:06] Why getting into stores is the hail mary play.

[41:06] Learn more about the customer perspective. 

[43:05] Connect with Corey and Zach.

[44:14] What are their favorite books and why? 


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