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Wizards of Ecom

Jan 4, 2021

There are people thankful for the pandemic and Miro is one of them. Find out why in this episode.

People doing Amazon business are mostly loyal to Amazon mainly because there is this VIP, private club and elite club treatment to sellers as well as consumers. While on Walmart, there is this feeling that you are getting the cheapest product. With that, Walmart is stereotyped as a place to go to get the biggest and cheapest products. Will Walmart be able to break away from that stereotype? What can we expect from Walmart in the next few years as they introduced their FBA equivalent Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Is Walmart the next Amazon? Find out Miro’s and my opinion on this.


In This Episode:

[00:35] Miro Posavec is living the dream in South Florida despite the pandemic.

[01:45] Miro talking about how sales exploded during the pandemic.

[02:57] How Miro started on E-com with Amazon, My Shopify and Walmart.

[04:33] Miro’s Top 3 platform: Amazon, My Shopify and Walmart and among these three, Walmart has been gaining on sales for the last few months.

[09:20] Miro talks about Walmart refund strategy.

[10:30] How they are working hard on improvements.

[25:25] How are PPC doing at Walmart?

[26:25] Doing ads on Walmart is powerful.

[29:38] FedEx as suggested/priority courier for Mico.

[31:53] Main priorities in Walmart: Listing Quality and getting stocks populated over Walmart.

[33:29] Biggest listing impact you should note.


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Man For All Seasons: A play By Robert Bolt

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