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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 15, 2021

Selling products alone on Amazon can be a handful and intimidating for beginners. Imagine what more inventing your own product would be. We’ve heard stories about entrepreneurs and inventors struggling to make their inventions out and make it to market. Bad news is, not all inventions succeed and sell on Amazon. Good news is, there are consultants like Jim DeBetta who help inventors develop and sell their products.

You have a great idea in mind but unsure on what to do about it or perhaps you need help on finding the right manufacturer for your product. Jim who’s been in the business of inventing and being one of the sharks of Shark Tanks reality show, hear him what you need to know to turn your invention into a real business.

In This Episode:
[00:39] Introducing Jim DeBetta of We Know Inventing.
[01:48] Jim is one of the sharks of Shark Tank as someone who brings the products into the stores.
[05:59] Jim talks about what clients need to know about their buyers.
[07:50] Jim learned the old school way.
[08:17] Jim took the time off and thought about helping people. It’s then he started consulting.
[09:40] Inventions and patents.
[10:35] Jim talks about how Amazon evolved through the years
[12:31] What happens when a client wants more than their 6-8 digit sales and wants to try retail.
[14:49] What does Jim look for aside from client listings.
[16:17] How does a ME TOO product impact anything with Jim and getting it in stores?
[19:13] Jim talks about poor packaging.
[20:53] Most sellers’ problem areas
[25:40] Fulfilling bulk orders w/o sufficient funds through financiers.
[27:40] If a factory cannot fulfill bulk orders on time.
[31:40] Jim on handling the sales.
[34:15] What is Jim’s track record on getting people in the stores is 40-50%
[37:45] Top 3-4 Stores to get your products out: Target, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens & CVS.

Book Reference:
Coaching Millions By: Milana Leshinsky

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