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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 19, 2021

Is voice search the future and the next big thing for SEO? Let’s find out!

In today’s episode, we have an exciting guest, The founder of Marketplace Blueprint and host of the Marketplace blueprint Podcast, Robyn Johnson and she kicked off the show enthusiastically sharing her writing skills and her role in the Amazon space.
Get ready to be impressed by Robyn in this no holds bar episode as she walks us through step by step listing optimization for Alexa voice search.

Voice search has brought convenience to homes, maps, and a lot of things that require searches but will it really be a game changer for SEO? Robyn answers all of that and more so listen in and understand more about Alexa how it could be useful to Amazon businesses.

In This Episode:
[00:29] Welcoming Robyn Johnson
[02:00] Writing for Seller Labs blog.
[03:35] How Robyn started doing Amazon.
[07:25] Robyn on Alexa being more profitable.
[08:10] What is voice search and intent for different voice search engines.
[10:02] Alexa being the leader of voice search.
[11:00] Alexa and google home are top leaders for Amazon.
[18:38] Impact on keyword search vs. voice search.
[20:25] Understanding voice search for Amazon.
[26:20] Ranking organically
[27:04] keyword ranking
[28:50] Importance of branding in ranking.
[30:50] Focusing on being unique.
[35:40] Managing reviews.

Guest Links and References:
FB GROUP: Amazon listing optimization FB Group

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Rocket Fuel By: Gino Wickman and Mark Winters
Think and Grow Rich for Women By Sharon Lechter
The Hobbit Series By: JJR Tolkien

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