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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 18, 2021

Understanding ACoS is complex and simple at the same time. Today in this episode, Michael Erickson, founder of Ad badger who knows the ins and outs of PPC is here to share with us what causes and does not cause an increase in ACos.  With the same perspective of helping sellers sell, he’s got a lot of tips and tricks that will help you understand more and hopefully apply in the business.

Bids, good and bad ACoS, campaigns, and driving traffic are just the topics you wouldn’t want to miss. So, stay tuned.


In this Episode:

[00:40] Welcoming Michael Erickson

[01:00] Sharing common vision.

[02:08] What is ACoS according to Michael.

[04:25] What causes and does not cause an increase in ACoS.

[12:20] Updating campaigns differently might cause fewer clicks.

[16:00] Testing the system

[17:14] Understanding ACoS

[18:20] Knowing where the changes started.

[22:15] Managing an account easily.

[29:30] $50 or less purchase.


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