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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 15, 2021

Here for the 2nd time in the show, an empathetic blogger, founder of EntreResouce, a pro marketer and affiliate marketing genius, Nate McCalister and he’s here on repeat to talk about a rarely considered form of sales source and an evolving marketing strategy,  Affiliate Marketing.

They say you can’t hit two birds in one stone but in this episode, we will dive deeper into affiliate marketing and all the good stuff an affiliate marketer needs to know and an Amazon private label seller could benefit from. Hear everything, learn everything.


In This Episode:

[00:45] Here for the 2nd time, a pro marketer and affiliate marketer, Nate McCalister.

[01:43] What is affiliate marketing?

[02:50] Creating great free content

[04:30] How does affiliate marketing work?

[05:30] Nate’s book Evergreen’

[09:00] Nate talking about Jarvis

[11:00]Doing retargeted ads.

[12:38] 3 big mistakes newbies are making:

Not leveraging your product right away.

Not paying a competitive rate.

[24:17] How to find influencers that sell big?

[29:00] Spreading your influencers

[30:20] How to be an affiliate marketer?

[32:22] How to come up with the percentage rate for the influencers?

[39:00] Nate’s advice. 


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Evergreen: Affiliate Marketing by Nate McCalister

The Big 100 by Jeremy Kourdi

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes


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