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Wizards of Ecom

Jan 31, 2022

Since the pandemic, we have not seen a slight positive change in the state of manufacturing from China. Most of us have had this dilemma of delayed shipment and higher shipment costs. The question is, do we have an alternative? Because if the answer is no, then  this episode might give you the slight dibs of what is coming in for China manufacturing this coming week. 

In this episode, we tackled what could be the cost of shipping like this year and things you should understand and do to ease the logistic dilemma in China.


In This Episode:

[00:40] Welcoming 2nd time on the show, Burak of Forceget

[02:30] How Burak ended up in China working for logistics.

[06:30] China then and now from a logistics point of view.

[20:42] 3 things businesses should consider doing to ease China's logistic dilemma.

[22:40] Choosing the right border.


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