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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 20, 2023

I always admire and love having a successful brand in the show to inspire and get inspired.

The sky’s the limit when you put your heart into something. The success story of Colsen Fire Pits selling and scaling on both Amazon and Shopify platform. From the beginning of the brand to staying up to date, Armando Colimodo, the owner of Colsen Fire Pits shares his secrets to success.

Tune in and be inspired!


In This Episode:

[00:50] Welcoming Armando Colimodio on the show.

[01:24] Colsen Fire Pit background.

[04:50] Amazon or Shopify?

[06:54] The biggest challenges.

[08:05] Buy with Prime.

[09:50] Biggest lever on Amazon and Shopify.

[12:00] Competition.

[14:05] Where should you start, Amazon or Shopify?

[15:00] Starting budget.

[16:30] Retail

[18:45] Staying up to date.


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The Quest for Global Dominance by Anil K. Gupta et al


The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker


Sell Like Crazy by Subri Suby


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