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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 4, 2023

In this episode, we dive into the latest updates on the Amazon Influencer Program, discussing key changes and time-sensitive opportunities for influencers and non-AIP users yet. We explore how influencers can leverage these updates to maximize their impact and boost their presence on the platform. Additionally, I share three effective strategies for influencers to receive free products for review, offering valuable insights for those looking to enhance their collaboration opportunities. Whether you're an established influencer or just starting, this episode provides actionable tips to stay ahead in the dynamic world of Amazon influencing.

In This Episode:

[00:30] Amazon Influencer Program

[01:00] Announcements

[03:20] Inspiration of the topic.

[10:00] I myself is earning from AIP

[12:50] Suspension

[13:20] Quality

[14:50] 3 ways to get FREE products; Ebay auction, RebateKey, Chinese Factories

[22:00] Why you should join AIP



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