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Wizards of Ecom

Oct 28, 2019

This podcast is years in the making, but those years mean a more well-rounded host and a better understanding of the world of online selling. Carlos Alvarez has been building and growing his online selling business for over a decade and has a passion for sharing his earned knowledge with others. Listen in as he shares his vision of what you will learn from this podcast and how he intends to deliver his message. 

First, learn more about the Wizards of Amazon Meetup group that Carlos started just over three years ago. It is now the largest Amazon sellers Meetup group in the world and has led to a variety of networking opportunities for the members. Each year the Meetup group members take a trip to China to gain first-hand experience and information about the factories and suppliers that they buy from. New this year is the Online Seller Cruise, which will allow online sellers the chance to network and learn in a very concentrated environment. This too will be a yearly event that you won’t want to miss!

Next, Carlos shares the themes that the episodes will revolve around. There are so many important topics and ideas to cover for those looking to start a new online selling business and he doesn’t want to leave anything out. The six-central themes will be discussions on white-hat selling techniques, marketing, and advertising, learning outside-the-box tactics and strategy, learning from veterans and early adopters, exploring the process of transitioning your business, and learning Carlos’s takeaways from various conferences and events. There is so much to learn, so take a little bit of time each week to tap into Carlos’s extensive online selling knowledge. 

Lastly, listen as Carlos gives a shout out to everyone who helped make this podcast possible. There have been so many people who have given their support and advice, knowingly and unknowingly, and without them, this show would still be a dream. The Wizards of Amazon podcast is a dream no more! Listen in each week to learn all the ins and outs of online selling.


In This Episode:

[00:23] It’s official, the podcast is happening!

[01:08] Learn all about Carlos and his Amazon journey.

[03:55] Carlos shares why he founded a Meetup group for Amazon sellers and what it has grown to today.

[06:33] Hear all about the yearly trip to China that the Meetup group participates in.

[08:41] The last event that the Meetup group has led to is the Online Seller Cruise.

[10:15] Why should you invest the time in this podcast? 

[10:45] Learn the 6 themes that the podcast is going to follow for each episode.

[12:12] Keep in mind that there is no one way to sell or market your business.

[13:44] Get ready to learn some outside of the box strategies and tactics.

[15:33] Transitioning is a very important piece of being a successful seller.

[17:16] Carlos does a quick recap of the show’s themes: 

  • White hat
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Outside the box tactics
  • Veterans/Early Adopters
  • Transitions
  • Conference takeaways

[17:55] Learn the structure of the show and when you can expect to hear new shows.

[18:24] Carlos thanks all of the people who have helped make the podcast possible.


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