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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 13, 2020

There’s a difference between differentiating and developing a new products versus simply changing the details of an existing product. Zack Leonard of Gembah shares the difference here as well as why you need to look at developing your own products. 

Rather than trying to move into a space by offering another version of the same thing, or a “me-too” product, consider innovation. When you develop your own product and submit for a patent, you’re protecting your product and listing. For instance, if you piggyback off of an existing product that is already patented, you’re putting yourself at risk to have your listing taken down.

Zack walks us step by step through his process and why doing your research up front saves a lot of headaches in the end. Prior to developing any products, they go through a thorough patent research step to be sure that your product idea is free and clear. 

He shares all the questions and topics you should be asking when you look to start developing your own products. Also, now is not the time to stop building your relationships with your factories. Keep building and stay in contact! Your factories will make you priority if you make them a priority in communication.

If you’ve considered developing your own products, this is the episode you want to listen to.


In This Episode:

[00:37] Welcome Zack Leonard of Gembah to chat about product differentiation. 

[02:02] What is Gembah and what do they do? 

[04:09] Selling a Me-Too product on Amazon is the best way to go… true or false?
[07:25] Learn the difference between developing and truly differentiating. 

[09:53] Is there a specific time in the process to start discussing strategy with an attorney? 

[12:35] Differentiation is a creative process. Learn different ways you can differentiate.

[14:10] Zack shares a case study he did with one of his clients.

[17:13] Consider changing the materials used when you look to differentiate. 

[18:34] What kinds of money could you save through a redesign?

[20:08] Where are Zack’s clients in their seller’s journey? 

[22:54] Learn more about the research process that Zack’s team goes through.

[23:57] Zack gives advice on the questions you should ask and consider when going through this process. 

[27:03] You need to be actively involved and communicating with your factories. 

[28:01] Connect with Zack. 


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