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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 20, 2020

At this point you’re probably tired of the word coronavirus, but what if there was a way to properly strategize so that you come out on top? Rick Watson is an ecommerce strategist and overall strategy genius. He shares his views on Amazon as a whole as well as why he wrote his recent article about Amazon and what the data reveals.

This was a really fun conversation. Rick is full of personality as well as knowledge. Having been raised by entrepreneurs he has always had a different view of how businesses work and how successful businesses become successful. He credits this to his ability to find the best strategy for most ecommerce stores to sell their products and gain visibility.

We dig deep into Amazon’s current policies and Rick’s predictions for what the future holds. He also shares why he thinks the government and Amazon teaming up could potentially be a good thing… or a very bad thing. Also learn what you can be doing now to prepare for when all of this is over. 

Amazon so far hasn’t been particularly helpful to sellers overall, but they are doing what they can to keep the platform successful. There are a bunch of different things that they could do to help sellers get back on their feet. Only time will tell how it all ends up.


In This Episode:

[00:37] Rick is in New York dealing with Corona. Learn more about his background.

[01:53] He is not an Amazon seller but he does have an amazing background in ecommerce strategy.

[02:28] Learn more about Rick’s background and his strategist brain. 

[05:59] How did his prior work experience help him build successful strategies? 

[09:14] Rick shares why he wrote his most recent article.

[10:27] Why you have to have a war mindset on manufacturing.

[13:35] Amazon needs to think like Elon Musk.

[16:08] Should we still be focusing on non-essential items for FBA? 

[19:37] Will Amazon relax their standards on deliverability? 

[22:02] Listen and Rick unpacks Amazon forgiveness on fees. 

[24:31] Rick doesn’t see Amazon extending capital terms, but that may be in the future.

[25:35] Why did Amazon pick the two weeks for non-essentials? 

[28:31] What kind of deal between the government and Amazon could take place? 

[33:13] How does Rick recommend you strategize this period to make it through? 

[35:36] Connect with Rick and pick up his favorite book. 

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