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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 27, 2020

If you don’t have a book written to help you launch your products, you should. I’ve been using Amazon KDP to help launch my products for years and today I’m sharing exactly how I do it. If you’re ready to dig into the why, how, when, and who, then keep reading. (or listening!)


First off, I decided to start doing this because no matter what type of product you’re selling, there is likely a book that shares why it’s important or how to use it properly. Everything that is made or sold has an instruction manual and your book can help you get eyes on your product by sharing how to use it.


Before you do any kind of writing (or hire a ghostwriter) you should first research the product you want to launch. What other types of books are out there? How well reviewed is the product? What kinds of topics could be covered to find a new set of purchasers? 


There are several questions you should be looking for answers to as you do your research. Also keep track of your research. Everything that you find should be provided to your ghostwriter so that they can write the book you really want to publish. 


Next you need to hire a ghostwriter, because writing these books yourself is not scalable. You can use any of the VA hiring platforms that you already use to do this, but you definitely want to be sure and vet the writer. Give them a small project in the same niche as your book and have them do a paid assignment. 


Once the book is written, have it edited and be sure to create an attention grabbing cover. (or use one of the resources below.)


Creating a book that pairs with your products is an amazing way to generate new leads and expand your email list. Listen in to learn the full 7-step process and how you can start implementing this strategy asap.


In This Episode:

[00:37] Learn everything you need to know about Kindle Direct Publishing.

[01:42] What is Amazon KDP and CreateSpace? 

[03:20] The difference between front-facing authors and ghostwriters.

[05:25] Why you should use Amazon Self-Publishing as a lead generation source.

[06:34] How I use Amazon Self-Publishing for lead generation.

[09:03] What I do before I order my products. 

[13:18] Why and how you should hire a ghostwriter.

[16:19] Test out your ghostwriter before having them write an entire book. Learn how.

[19:14] Where you can find a template for ghostwriters. 

[21:07] Why you should hire an editor before making the book live. 

[21:59] You HAVE to have an attention grabbing cover. 

[23:46] Do your research to give the best direction to the designer. 

[24:15] Now you’re ready to publish!

[25:51] Last but not least, you need to repurpose your book!

[27:54] What you should do if you’re planning to launch in additional countries.

[30:00] How you can access a backlog of training in the Video Vault.


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