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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 10, 2020

What do you do when you’ve known you were going to be an entrepreneur your WHOLE life? You sell on Amazon. Sharon Even was raised by two entrepreneurs who gave her the choice to stay in New Zealand when they moved back to Israel. She was already well versed in how to sell, so she took the opportunity and never looked back.

At 15 years old she started her first online store and made enough money to pay her rent, stay alive, and then some. She started all over when she moved to Israel at 21 and now she’s sharing her story and her methods with others. 

Sharon has a very unique way of figuring out which products she wants to sell and to whom and it all starts with whether or not you can build a brand around it. Interestingly enough it started when her husband challenged her to create a brand around a random hobby. 

Now she teaches her methods through her YouTube channel and her programs. So what is it? Think of any hobby. Now do some research and see what products are sold that go along with that hobby. Who purchases those items? 

Then you dig deeper and determine where and how you can build that brand even further. She listens to YouTube channels, reads blogs, and studies the niche, the customer avatar, and the products she could sell and then gets to work. 

Want to learn more? Listen in and soak up all of the wonderful nuggets of wisdom that Sharon is providing to our community!


In This Episode:

[00:30] Welcome Sharon Even to the show!

[02:28] Neither Sharon nor I start with software when sourcing products. 

[03:00] Sharon provides a bit about her background and how she became an entrepreneur.

[06:11] Did she have any strategy for selling sunglasses in New Zealand? 

[07:25] Learn more about how she kept things afloat, living off her sales, and being on her own at 15.

[09:50] When she did start her unique sourcing process? 

[11:23] Did she start with her own hobbies or people near her? 

[12:48] We go through an exercise to build a brand around the hobby of rock collecting.

[14:40] Does she have a minimum number of products for each niche? 

[17:23] Reselling to the same type of buyer is the real goal.

[18:36] What does Sharon mean when she says buyer avatar? 

[22:00] Why build a brand? 

[25:39] Learn why you should build a brand off of Amazon. (... and Sharon’s biggest mistake!)

[27:54] Instagram works perfectly for the niches that Sharon is selling for, but maybe Twitch is right for you.

[28:49] Sharon also shares another big mistake that she made in her business early on.

[30:06] Why you should look at Amazon platforms internationally.

[31:47] How do you make use of the customer avatar when addressing your Amazon store? 

[34:07] Sharon details her research process.

[36:10] Ways you can research specific products.

[39:10] Learn another way you can find products to sell on Amazon. 

[40:59] Connect with Sharon.

[42:08] Sharon’s favorite book and why.


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