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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 17, 2020

For Jeff Lieber,  the answer is yes when a team asks for help to sell on Amazon . He shared his five-step framework for building the most profitable Amazon store possible. He’s here to share that framework and chat about all the changes Amazon has seen. 

Jeff has spent the last several years creating Amazon strategies that scale businesses on Amazon. He takes your products and listings and helps you to tweak and promote so that you sell more than ever. He’s open, honest, and ready to help you grow your Amazon business.

One of the big new things for Amazon is video. Still so many people are not using video to promote their brands, stores, and products… but you should. Jeff and I dig deep into the why behind using video for your promotion and how you can do it on a budget. 

Listen in to learn all about Jeff’s 5-step framework and why it works. Don’t forget… always keep testing. No one strategy is going to work forever. Amazon changes constantly, so having someone in your corner who keeps up with those changes and knows how to shift is very valuable.

This was an amazing conversation and I can’t wait to have Jeff back on the show.


Overview of Amazon Storefront Source Tags

You can add to any store page URL when using it as the landing page for your advertising and marketing activities. When a customer visits your store using a URL that contains the tag, we automatically detect the tag is in the URL and attribute the visit and any resulting metrics to that tag. There is no limit to how many tags you can create, and tags do not expire. We can use this for all external strategies, that way we don't have to limit it to just one product URL


Where to find it?

To find Storefront Source Tags, go to Amazon Seller Central, Stores, Manage Stores, See Insights, Create Source Tag.

From there, you can choose the Destination Page, and then put a clear Tag name that will help you identify such as "Facebook Ad For Yoga Mat", then it will provide you your custom link to use for that campaign!


Free Bonuses and Goodies To Grow On Amazon:

As a thank you to Carlos’ audience for listening, to get the full training on the steps to scale to 7 figures and beyond on Amazon, or to get the pre-vetted 3rd party warehouse list to diversify during the covid pandemic, or to get other free resources or to talk to TurnKey about how they can help you scale on Amazon, just head over to:



In This Episode:

[00:40] Welcome Jeff Lieber from Turnkey Project Management. 

[02:06] Jeff shares his experience working with a Shark from Shark Tank.

[04:08] He worked with the baby sharks that this Shark was financing and invested in. 

[05:19] How do you go about designing a portfolio for an 8-figure brand? 

[07:51] Why weren’t they already on Amazon? 

[08:51] Learn more about pulling numbers for competitor stats. 

[09:40] Moving into the next phase of taking a brand to Amazon. 

[11:37] He who can spend the most money on ads wins… true or false? 

[12:57] What happens in phase three of this process? 

[13:38] Learn the best practices for optimizing your listing right now. 

[18:12] Why aren’t more people using video on Amazon? 

[19:00] Should you let cost scare you away from making videos? 

[20:24] Does Jeff have a preferred vendor for videos? 

[23:28] Which part of the video creation process is most important for Amazon? 

[26:24] What happens in phase four? 

[30:13] Use the bullseye to test various strategies for ads. 

[32:29] You’re still feeding your channels during this time right? 

[33:39] What’s doing best on DSP? 

[35:41] Learn more about phase 5. 

[39:07] Any other critical roles and implementation failures? 

[41:26] How can you get your hands on these training steps? 

[42:41] What is working really well on Amazon right now? 

[45:44] Hear names of some different third party warehouses. 

[47:04] A few more tips.

[49:43] Connect with Jeff.

[50:22] Jeff’s favorite book and why. 




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