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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 14, 2021

Kitty Lai who was always behind big brands and now stands as her own brand shares with us what you need to know about branding. With all her credentials, experiences and expertise, Kitty enthusiastically shared 40 minutes packed with information you can learn from and execute to make your brand a success.

Branding plays a big role on how you represent your product or how your product represents you. So, listen in and pick Kitty’s nuggets of advice to those who are starting or made a mistake with branding.

Making your own brand, re-branding and elements of branding were some of the juicy topics we’ve tackled that you shouldn’t miss.

In This Episode:
[00:25] Introducing Kitty Lai
[03:29] Kitty explains branding
[06:40] Branding and experience
[08:30] Making your own brand
[10:25] Logo and photography
[12:50] When your logo sucks.
[14:00] When do you need to rebrand?
[19:30] Getting feedback before rebranding.
[23:15] Communicating with colors
[27:15] Tone of voice through branding
[30:20] Good branding VS. good product
[31:10] Building trust for your product
[39:00] Scaling needs investing
[41:15] Kitty talks about her rate.

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Books References:
Key Person Influence By: Daniel Priestley
Building Story Brand By: Donald Miller
Oversubscribed By: Daniel Priestley

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