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Wizards of Ecom

Jun 23, 2021

YouTube advertising and what impact it gives a brand is the hot topic I’d like you to benefit from today and we have our guest, Tom Breeze to help us understand the psychology and emotions behind the ads.

Why do we need to target Youtube ads?  BECAUSE youtube gets millions of views daily and as the high percentage of viewers and users increase, advertising on YouTube can definitely attract old and new audiences. It’s only a matter of how impactful an ad is.  So tune in and get nuggets of information.


In This Episode:

[01:03] Welcoming Tom Breeze

[04:18] Impact to people through ads

[07:35] Emotional desire

[13:24] Identifying the emotion 

[17:30] Psychology of the customer

[18:40] The story of the brand

[19:40] Important CTAs to ads

[26:35] What’s best for the viewers

[27:10] Low cost or high-cost production

[33:20] Creating a brand story

[38:00] Buying what product means

[40:00] Brands that got it wrong & brands that got it right.


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Made to Stick By: Chip and Dan Heath 

Hidden Persuaders By: Vance Packard

Master & its Emissary By: Ian Mcgilchrist

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