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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 8, 2024

On Today's episode, we have my good friend, Rafael Veloz, on the show. Rafa is the founder of the award winning creative agency Shareit Studio and a few months back taught an incredible hands on workshop at Wizards of Ecom Miami on creating DIY product photography with smartphones. 


In this episode we’ve discussed quite an interesting and timely topic as Rafa shares his expertise and insights on how to effectively utilize Amazon Video to reach a wider audience and increase sales without breaking the bank. From optimizing video content to leveraging it to social media and influencer marketing, Rafa provides valuable tips and strategies for businesses looking to maximize their success on Amazon Video.


Tune in to learn how to make the most of your resources and achieve success in the competitive world of online video marketing.

In This Episode:

[01:00] Introducing Rafa

[03:35] Why should you release a video?

[05:00] Most important video to do.

[06:00] Which one wins, quality content or product?

[12:00] Horizontal or Vertical video?

[14:54] Which one converts better? Commercial high-end videos or organic videos?

[24:50] Amazon Influencer videos.

[28:40] Sponsored brand TV.

[36:09] Shareit Studio or Spirit Creative?


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