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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 17, 2021

You’ve been hinted at in the title. Yes! I’m gonna be having a co-host for the first time. Welcoming Noemi Bolojan to Wizards of Ecom. I’m so grateful and excited about this revamp and to Noemi for taking the job.

Tune in and know what to expect from Noemi, what her first episode will be like and what she can bring in the show. From being a guest to a co-host, let Noemi convince you to listen in and learn things about her that’ll make you ask for more.

Hear here first! The new schedule for the show and when you’ll hear Noemi’s first episode.

In This Episode:
[00:22] Welcoming our co-host Noemi Bolojan
[01:50] Me hinting about the first episode of Noemi as a co-host and her first guest.
[02:59] Why did Noemi agree to be my co-host on the show?
[04:24] What sort of creative/artist is Noemi?
[07:30] What Noemi can bring in the show that’s been missing?
[10:20] Impact of Noemi's husband, Daniel to her business.
[12:20] Did Noemi volunteer to be in the show?
[13:00] Us talking about having two episodes per week.
[14:00] What had Amazon taught Noemi in less than a year of being at it?
[17:00] What is cattitude, according to Noemi?
[19:18] The most exciting things Noemi has going on in her Amazon products?

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